Felicity Northeast Millinery and Sustainability

Raffia and Organic Canvas hat by Felicity Northeast MillineryFelicity Northeast Millinery combines style, elegance, and sustainability. Be gorgeous and confident while wearing one of our hats.

 A core focus of Felicity Northeast Millinery is to create sustainable, elegant, contemporary designs. Since 2009 many sustainable practices have been incorporated into the designs.

Slow Fashion: Each hat is loving made in Melbourne, a local, small ethical business incorporating traditional millinery techniques.

Timeless Designs: Incorporating classic, timeless designs has been a core part of every collection, this ensures they can be loved over many years and handed down or passed onto friends. Many of our designs are created to be beautiful not only for the racetrack and gorgeous for weddings and other special occasions.

Made to measure: Felicity Northeast Millinery provides a bespoke service. Creating handmade hats to order with quality materials and to a high standard ensures perfect piece which can be worn for years.

Selecting Suppliers: Each year Felicity Northeast Millinery continues to increase the purchasing of raw materials from ethical and sustainable suppliers. Ethical suppliers include those supplying Ecuador Panama’s, organic cotton, and Portugal cork. Many materials are also purchased from retiring milliners (the majority of our feathers) and suppliers with dead-stock (vintage).

Recycling and up-cycling: Incorporating vintage, recycled and dead-stock materials has been a signature of Felicity Northeast Millinery Designs since 2009.

Fibers and materials: Felicity Northeast Millinery includes many natural fibers and materials including, a variety of straw, wool, and cork.

Minimal waste: Patterns were designed to minimise waste. Off cuts are utilised in trims and other hats.

Virtual filters: Felicity Northeast millinery has embraced the digital world. The filters on Instagram allow you to try on different styles, colours, and trims of hats, enabling you to see what suits your face shape, outfit and style. A guide to help you confidently select well.

Alterations and repairs: Alterations and repairs for Felicity Northeast Millinery pieces is available.  Contact Felicity Northeast Millinery here

Packaging: The hats are packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes, or reusable handmade bags made from organic cotton.  Suitable for you to store your hats at home.

 Outer boxes and the air pockets used when sending hats have been collected and recycled from our local shops.

And the little things: have you noticed in the studio the toilet paper or the hand sanitiser? Always aiming to make better choices when possible.


Always aiming to improve and implement changes.  Incorporating sustainable practices

Each year Felicity Northeast Millinery strives to further incorporate sustainable practices, including these recent collections


 Sustainable Travel Bucket Hat by Felicity Northeast Millinery


The natural raw materials are sourced from sustainable, ethical suppliers and combined with up-cycled and vintage textiles. Designs have incorporated minimal waste practices in their patterns making, digital printing and dying practices The printed fabrics used in this Summer Hat range are designed by local textile artists and are locally digitally printed on organic cotton and canvas.

See the collection here


Felicity Northeast Millinery Interchangeable Collection Mix and Match

The Interchangeable Millinery collection is designed with style, elegance, sustainability, and flexibility in mind.

The Interchangeable Millinery collection allows you to change the hat bases and /or the trims. The perfect solution for the occasional to avid racegoer. This collection gives you more options when you are travelling, when the weather changes and when you receive the invite to celebrate the Spring Carnival from your backyard or the track.

See the collection here


Felicity Northeast Millinery Sun Hats

The raw materials include up cycled, dead-stock fabric natural and remnant textiles. Designs have incorporated minimal waste practices in their patterns making

 See the collection here