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Felicity Northeast Millinery Beauty of Bespoke Blog

Millinery is no new trend. In ancient times, millinery was a symbol of status, but fast forward a few millenniums, and millinery has become an essential of the modern fashion wardrobe for many. There are many reasons why this art form has survived centuries too. Millinery is a timeless investment, and it has cemented its place as a symbol of special occasions.

Modern forms of millinery can be seen almost everywhere – casual hats and headbands are commonplace, and while you might not think you’re a ‘millinery-wearer’ when you pop on gorgeous summer hat and head to the beach, you are. Fedoras, berets, bucket hats and bandeaus are some of the most contemporary forms of millinery, and almost every woman owns at least one.

Weddings, major cultural events, birthday parties and ceremonial celebrations alike, modern millinery has become an essential addition to every important outfit at every significant event, and without it – something is missing. 

But not all millinery is created equal, and when it comes to completing a memorable outfit for a momentous occasion, the secret is choosing bespoke.

Felicity Northeast Millinery Beauty of Bespoke Blog

The beauty of bespoke headwear is much like couture clothing, and the process is an intimate experience of luxury. Bespoke headwear is timeless, genuinely unique and undeniably distinctive. Choosing the right milliner, one who understands the importance of sustainable and elegant headwear, is the first step towards the perfect headpiece.

When you take the time to work through the personal design process with your milliner, the magic happens. When you understand how a bespoke headpiece is meticulously made and intricately finished, everyday headwear becomes a reflection of your personal style.

And no two bespoke pieces are the same either; while they might be similar in colour or style, the handmade nature of bespoke millinery celebrates imperfection – and these imperfections make every piece unique, with a story of its own. In a world of fast fashion and repetitive trends, where two women turn up at the one event in the same dress, bespoke headwear is the saviour, and it’s the difference between wearing an outfit we’ve all seen before and being the most elegant woman in the room.

The slow and steady process of bespoke headwear also means that the headpiece you’re investing in will last, not just this season or this year, but decades, to be handed down generation through generation, cherished by mothers and daughter alike.

Invest in timeless millinery and shop the Felicity Northeast ready to wear range here, or contact Felicity directly to work on a bespoke piece for a special occasion. 

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  • Loved reading the millinery article, Felicity Giving an historical perspective
    was super. Much enjoyed learning as I read. Sure encourages keener awareness to inviting possibilities for headgear and
    the availability of a passionate milliner.
    The blog is really good. 👌

    Patricia TAYLOR
  • Love your first article on sustainable bespoke headpieces and choosing the right milliner. Could not agree more – a very distinguishing factor in making you elegant and unique.

    Claudia Ivanka
  • Stunning Felicity : world class!


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