Behind the Scenes of the Interchangeable Millinery Collection

Interchangeable Millinery by Felicity Northeast MillineryIn the age of slow fashion, the capsule closet reigns supreme. But how can we make the millinery industry more sustainable? The industry already has one of the lowest carbon footprints in the fashion industry – from its minimal waste to bespoke nature. When you invest in a bespoke millinery piece, you want to know that they’ll stay in your closet for years to come. They’re an investment you want to get the right cost per wear from.

Throughout the years, I’ve found a way to make bespoke millinery even more sustainable and more wearable. By making millinery headpieces interchangeable, you can wear the same fascinator dozens of different ways. 

What is the interchangeable millinery collection?

This innovative millinery collection is where style meets sustainability. It allows you to express your personality by swapping out the hat base and trims to match your outfit. Whether it’s a Spring Carnival, a wedding reception or a Winter event, the right fascinator will help you piece together the perfect outfit. They’re timeless, effortlessly chic, and the perfect way to finish off any outfit.

My aim with the interchangeable millinery collection, was to start with our most popular trims and bases. On our site you can choose from our three most popular hat base designs. Each of these hat bases is available in black straw ivory straw and black felt with three trim styles to choose from in a variety of colours. You can purchase the bases and trims separately to mix and match together for a myriad of styles.

You can explore the collection here to see our trims and hat bases to mix and match. 

interchangeable millinery mix and match by Felicity Northeast Millinery

If you have something more specific in mind, custom orders or more than welcome. Please inquire here. In the meantime, I’ll be working on building up more styles and colours to add to the collection.

Black felt bases have just been added so you can mix and match between seasons too.

The inspiration behind the collection

The inspiration behind this collection is the idea of embracing slow fashion through bespoke millinery. It focuses on timeless designs that aren’t ‘here today, gone tomorrow’. As pieces are made to order, there’s minimum waste and vintage materials are incorporated into the design. You want a hat that can change with you – whether you’re wearing a floral maxi dress or a black statement suit . Removable trims are one feature that clients have been asking for. 

A bespoke headwear is like finding the perfect shoes. Once you’ve found the one, you never want to go back. Removable trims mean that you can keep the fascinator base and get inventive with different combinations to transform the look of your headwear. 

If you’re an avid racegoer, you’ll be able to match your trim to your different outfits.

If you find yourself jet setting across the globe, this collection gives you more options when you are travelling, as they pack separately and flat. So you can match your hat with your outfit, wherever you might find yourself.

The Interchangeable Millinery Collection is also a perfect solution for occasional racegoers, who can gradually add a trim each year.

Whether you’re an occasional racegoer or never miss a race, this bespoke millinery collection gives a piece that you’ll reach for on every special occasion.

How to use interchangeable millinery pieces

 For an interchangeable design to work, it has to be easy to use. When we were developing this  design for this collection, we wanted to make it easy for you to swap out the trims or attach a different headpiece. 

After trying an endless list of fastening options and different ways to alter the trim, we decided that simple was the best way to go. Our interchangeable millinery is easy to assemble on the go – whether you’re heading out the hotel door or putting it together in the back of your car. 

Our interchangeable millinery collection uses our most popular base shapes and trims, letting you purchase your favourite styles of each. These pieces are designed to last a lifetime with the base being made of parasisial straw and hand blocked over a straw foundation or from a high quality felt.

What makes these bases interchangeable is that they feature a clip attachment that you slip the trim under to secure it in place. The bottom of each trim has a ribbon. You open the clip on the base and slip the ribbon pocket into the clip before snapping it close. 

You can purchase the base and trims separately, building up a collection of pieces to mix and match. Instead of buying new fascinators each racing season, you can simply switch out the base or trims for an entirely new look. 

It’s easy to perfect the art of interchanging your bases and trims. Please see our video tutorial below on how to use our interchangeable millinery pieces. 


You can explore the collection here to see our trims and hat bases to mix and match. 
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