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Felicity Northeast Millinery is one of Australia's most renowned millinery labels. Adapting with the changing times, Felicity Northeast has released a small run collection of face masks, perfect for racing events and special occasions. 

Each bespoke Felicity Northeast Millinery face mask is sustainable and elegant, featuring traditional techniques, contemporary design and upcycled materials. Felicity Northeast's luxe facemask range fuses fashion and function with a sophisticated modern aesthetic, and each unique design is handmade to the highest standard to ensure the longevity and quality of your face mask.

Felicity Northeast Millinery face masks are crafted with silk satin for a stylish, elegant and luxe feel. Made with two detachable silk ties, which can be mixed and matched in a range of colours.

Our face masks are made with three layers. The inner skin-side is made with 100% premium woven cotton, and the inner and outer layers are made with silk satin which provides a snug and no-slip fit. Our silk satin face masks are breathable and comfortable for all-year-round wear, and light enough to wear in summer while offering three-layer protection.

If you're in need of bespoke alterations to any Felicity Northeast Millinery design, or you have custom colours and fit requests, please contact Felicity Northeast here.

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